Innovation Through Preparedness

That’s our mantra.  The fact is, healthcare is the last major industry in America to adopt technology – let’s start acting like it.  Most of the innovation occurring in healthcare is outpacing the infrastructure, thought processes and workflows of clinicians and administration.  As a result, even good solutions fail due to lack of adoption.  In response, many investors resort to “buying” their way into the marketplace.  While this may be a workable strategy in other industries, adoption in healthcare is critical and can’t be bought.

Solve Ventures is establishing a network of Innovation Centres across the country to enable the dialogue and transparency to prepare for the transformational changes in technology, governance and patient engagement.

We believe employing this structure will give our investors, innovators and the healthcare stakeholders the best chance to succeed over the long-term.  The best part is, it costs nothing but time; the time necessary to identify the most critical challenges communicated directly and clearly by healthcare providers in the trenches.

The Ecosystem


Take a seat at the table.  Here is what the makeup of a typical Innovation Centre looks like.


Providers are often times the most insightful and honest resources to innovators.  SV fosters a physician-driven platform.



We encourage the leaders at healthcare organizations to share their objectives, experiences, fears and expectations.

Support Staff

From check-in to check-out, each valued member of the healthcare experience has a different pain point and perspective to share.


Patient engagement begins with inclusion of consumers.  Hear directly from patients as to what works for them and what doesn’t.

The Ecosystem

Solve Ventures

We pop-up and host local Innovation Centre meetings and activities to keep the ideas flowing and the focus on core initiatives.


Innovators need to understand the specific needs, usability, implementation and training factors from adopters.


We want our investors to be connected to what is happening on the ground and audit the progress of their investments and contribute to the evolving strategy.

Thought Leadership

SV augments each Innovation Centre with high-caliber, influential leaders that offer domain expertise, relationships and advisory.

Benefits for Healthcare Organizations
  • Pilots: Our innovators host exclusive pilot programs to refine solutions.
  • Network: Be part of a greater, international network of innovators and enterprise partners, aligned in their vision.
  • Volume to Value: Innovation is central to enduring the transformation from volume to value-based care.
  • Synergizing the Acute and Ambulatory: Different settings have different priorities and perceptions. Share notes, challenges and enable care coordination.
  • No Cost, Revenue-Generating Opportunity: Solve Ventures charges no fees to setup, host and manage your local Innovation Centre.


Are you interested in establishing an Innovation Centre?