Investing in healthcare shouldn’t be a blur.

Solve Ventures is pleased to introduce exciting investment opportunities to institutional partners, healthcare organizations and physicians seeking to invest in healthcare transformation

SV Fund I

Our flagship fund is capitalized by valued institutional partners who seek to diversify their investment strategy and access exclusive, pre-qualified deal flow in digital health.

Physician Fund I

This first of its kind fund is populated by physician investors looking to pilot and guide innovation strategy for physician and patient engagement services and solutions.

Investment Layout

Nuts and Bolts Solutions
We don’t waste time in the crowded corridors of digital health.  Our investment strategy is focused on solutions that address the fundamental challenges in healthcare.

Patient Engagement
The final frontier of modern medicine will sit squarely with the patients.  SV searches for technology solutions that enhance communication, reporting and outcomes.

Tech Diagnostics
Legacy labs and imaging centers are massive cost centers.  We are keen on investing in solutions that eliminate waste, provide faster reporting and employ preventive methodologies.

Asset Management
With so many moving parts in healthcare, SV is confident that the mismanagement of digital health assets presents an enormous opportunity to streamline process and revenue.

Don’t Compete, Diversify

Our proven track record gives institutional investors a qualified partner to diversify their investment strategy and portfolio.


Due Diligence

Solve Ventures administers a concise due diligence process that includes the participation of potential customers, relevant experts and compliance faculties.

Purposeful Pilots

We present carefully architected conversion strategies that align our portfolio companies and their pilot programs.

Accelerated Adoption

Solve Ventures doesn’t rely on unpredictable, organic means to grow our portfolio companies.  Instead, we propel investments through our network of Innovation Centres, backed by the healthcare enterprise.


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